Russian-American Consulting Travel Agency–Registration in Russia


Upon receiving your visa, carefully examine its authorized number of entries and dates of entry and departure. RA Consulting will not be responsible for any errors or omissions. Any errors brought to our attention 24 hours after the date you received your visa will not be corrected.


Any foreign visitor arrive in in Russia is required to register his/her visa within seven days of arrival in the offices of ARCO Consulting. The processing fee for registration of Russian Visa is: 7000 roubles.
If you are staying at a HOTEL, the hotel should provide registration.

If you are staying at a PRIVATE HOUSE/ APARTMENT outside Moscow or St .Petersburg please call ARCO CONSULTING for registration.

Please be advised that the registering authority of the Russian Federation will charge a penalty for late registration. Should you require any further assistance in Russia please contact our representatives.

-In Moscow:

127299, 4 Klary Tsetkin St, Suite 316.
phone # (495) 725-3557

If you need to contact RACC from Russia, please use our toll-free Russian telephone number 499-500-55-32